Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I GOT PIED 2 RALLY – APRIL 28-29, 2006

I GOT PIED 2 RALLY – APRIL 28-29, 2006
(Ride to Julian with Secret Society Sc.)

San Diego, CA
Sponsored by the Secret Society Scooter Club

This in from Tony Alvarez:

“Hi folks - I want to extend the invite to all those friends, alumni and family of Secret society to visit on Saturday morning at Alex's scooter shop (motorsport scooters) at 11am. If you can't make the ride, please drop by and say hello. Have a coffee and a muffin. Bring the kids, and make sure they know how to tighten a clutch cable already (!).

If you are planning to join us, please make sure to wear warm clothes. Our test ride through Wildcat canyon road and old Julian highway proved that it is indeed, still spring in the mountains, and that Julian will be cold.

We hope to see you this Friday night at the aero or Saturday in the day, or even at the Tower (right around the corner from Mike Rices pad where da club" first met). Pass this on to a friend we haven't seen in a while.

Tony Suarez – VP: SSSC San Diego”


Friday April 28th:
Meet and greet at The Areo Club 9pm. India St.

Saturday April 29th:
11am meet at Vespa Motorsport (Elcajon & 30th st) to leave sharp at 12 to a long route to Julian California. This is a long ride, your 50cc aero might not make it. Though someone will try to prove us wrong...Prepare for wind or cold.
Saturday night. Meet at Gelatos (India & Washington) for a ride to the Tower Bar (Euclid and University). If you missed the day ride, catch us at 8pm for a ride through the city.
The rest of us weary riders will meet with you at the tower Bar at 9pm. We'll have T shirts available with a schweet design by our resident Flanders man, Chris Frantzen. 15 bones.

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