Monday, October 01, 2007

Gilera Fuoco 500 (MP3-style) coming to the USA

From the Blogspot called "The Scooter Scoop", comes this report about next year's version of the Piaggio MP3's:

Gilera Fuoco 500 to arrive in the USA as the Piaggio MP3 500 (CONFIRMED)

The Piaggio MP3-400 (In the current MP3 body style except with the extra power we've all been waiting for) will be arriving at dealerships as soon as January.

The Piaggio MP3-500 (A rebadged Gilera Fuoco 500) will arrive around March with an expected MSRP approaching the $10k mark. Well, what did you expect? Hotness has a price.

The elusive Vespa S (the cute one with the thin leg shields and rectangular headlight) is supposed to arrive before Q2, 2008 with a 150cc engine and an MSRP of about $4,000.

***UPDATE 9/19/07***
The Honky-Tonk Dragon is droppin' THESE numbers for MSRP:
"Per a reliable source on Modern Vespa"
The 250 will be $7199 next year (They are $6999 right now).
The 400 will be $8699 and the 500 will be $8899.
And the Vespa S 150 will be $4099