Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Official Lambretta website

So, if you haven't noticed, the official Lambretta website, at, has recently gotten a facelift and a whole bunch of content. With it's simple, yet somewhat elegant design, it comes across as very straightforward and elemental.

I really like the "History" section, especially the section "Models", which lists all Lambretta models. Added bonus is that it does not only just list them with a picture, but if you click on the thumbnail, it will open a new page with a wealth of information on the specified model. For example, it gives you a small tidbit of model info, then goes into the model specs, ID details of each year that model was produced, the frame numbers by year, the different color schemes it came in, chromed parts, nickel parts, burnished parts, polished parts, and maintenance data.

It's also interesting to see the different merchandise that the Lambretta name is now attached to, as well. Did you know they now make bicycles? I didn't know that. They look pretty nice, but I don't enough about cycling to determine whether or not they are really good or bad.
On the other hand, I do know about watches, and they seem to also make some really nice watches, now. They also make mod-styled clothing, footwear, helmets, eyewear, bags and a fragrance. Each one of these different Lambretta "collections", btw, have their own website (except for the bags and the fragrance) - so click on their links, above, to check them out.
Interesting opening statement on their index page, though. Check it out, below, and see if you can read something between the lines. IMHO, it seems like it is saying something like "here is the new Lambretta, and if you don't like it, just know that it is an officially approved Lambretta product". On one hand, I don't really like the warning tone of the message. If I don't like it, I don't have to like it, even though I am an old Lambretta enthusiast. On the other hand, I understand that they are trying to head off some negative feedback from those who won't like that it is plastic and a TnG. Of coarse, this is directed at "buyers", which I assume are those who would distribute it. But, it could mean everyone in general, as well. Like I said, interesting....

Here is that statement on their index / home page:

"Official Statement

Lambretta enthusiasts will undoubted be encouraged by the news of the introduction into the market of the new Lambretta LS and LN models as reported. Buyers must however be very careful that they are indeed witnessing the launch of a true, authentic and legitimate Lambretta, approved by the Lambretta Consortium, who are the owners of the Lambretta brand.

The two new models, the Lambretta LS and LN, have been produced by two companies, CLAG International Limited and Motom Electronics Spa respectively. Both these models are currently unlicensed for the global market as a full inspection of their authenticity or quality has not yet been conducted by the Lambretta Consortium and because contractual issues still remain to be resolved. While it is hoped that approval of both models will occur in the near future, buyers and distributors must take care to ensure approval from the Lambretta Consortium is obtained before entering into any financial arrangements to acquire or distribute these models. We obviously cannot afford to allow unlicensed scooter models in the market.

Please be assured that the Lambretta Consortium will do all it can to bring you a genuine, high quality, Lambretta scooter in the best traditions of the Lambretta heritage as soon as it can. We are endeavouring to clarify the situation on both models with both parties in the very near future and hope to issue a statement which ratifies both models. If you require further clarification or information please contact or visit

Lambretta Consortium"