Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Vespa Models

So, here is an update of pics of the latest Vespa / Piaggio models (as seen at the Milan Moto Show):

The new model Vespa S is the successor of the classic Vespa 50 Special and will be available in 50cc and 125cc in 2007!

The 60th Anniversary limited edition Vespa: the GT60

Not limited edition Vespa GTV in grey and GREEN (in 2007)

The LXV is also NOT a limited series and will be available in spring 2007 in the colours grey and green (new)

Vespa GTSie 250 will be available in yellow in 2007

Vespa GTSie250 in the new Vintage Rosso Colour

Lastly, here is the Gilera GP 800: Currently, the fastest scooter in the world, with a top end speed of 140mph.