Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Can-Am Spyder: Born to be mild

I was reading one of my favorite news & business website this morning and noticed a particularly interesting interactive article about a new "motorcycle".

It's called the Can-Am Spyder, made by Bombardier Recreational Products, and it looks almost like a Piaggio MP3 on steroids. Just like the MP3, it has two front wheels with independent, leaning suspension. It also has a borrowed Rotax 990 Aprilia engine, which we all know is made by Piaggio. But, it behaves more like a motorcycle in that it shifts using a clutch lever and a foot pedal (though you can supposedly add a clutchless thumbshift transmission for approx $1500). It has a five speed tranny with a reverse gear and a belt drive (read easy maintenance, here).

The thing is a lot heavier, though, than any Piaggio product. How about a dry weight of 697 pounds? Yikes. Definitely as heavy as a motorcycle, if not more so. The good thing is it doesn't seem like it will ever tip over --- not only for the fact that it has three wheels, but even while you are pushing it through any turn, it has a Bosch stability system that will apply the brakes and cut the engine if the Spyder starts to tip.

Check out the interactive article on click here.

Can-Am Spyder

2008 Can Am Spyder