Friday, January 05, 2007

For all you speed demons out there...!

So, for all you speed demons out there, check out this snipet from an article in the latest "Scootering" magazine:

"Spanish firm Airsal have never experienced such an interest at their show stand after word got around that they were the manufacturers of the new AF Rayspeed RB22 (225cc) and RB25 (250cc) kits.... Allegedly, the current spec has a wide, shallow reedvalve (like the GT186 kit) with sub inlet ports that feed around the cylinder studs and directly into the main transfer passages. With two boost ports now feeding up from the main inlet port this gives a total of six transfer ports. As with the TS1, the RB kit has a single large exhaust port with room to tune further if required."

"The RB kits are being co-developed between AF Rayspeed and Airsal. Production will be in aluminium with a Nicasil-type plating. Ray's idea is to push the boundaries of what is possible in a Lambretta casing. Currently PM Tuning bring in Airsal's kits for 50cc scooters and report that the lity is pretty good, which is all very promising."

Sounds good. Where and when can I get one...?