Friday, June 15, 2007

Damn! Italy getting rid of Vespas???

Shoot! Check this out: Italy is trying to get Vespas off the road!!

This kinda sucks. I'm worried that this may start to happen in Schwarzenegger-land, too. All you hippies out there who are so into the enviroment might have it backfire in your face (if you ride a vintage scooter). What pisses me off so bad is that per pound, per capita, per whatever, these gazillions of trucks on the road give off ten to twenty times as much pollution as scooters. But yet, they are allowed to drive without resrictions while they may restrict or outlaw little ol' scooters???? Ridiculous. It's only because these trucks are so vital to the state's / nation's economy that they are not restricted as they should be, before you ever outlaw a little two stroker...