Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BMW's New Electric Scooter Unveiled

The BMW Motorrad E concept electric scooter was unveiled this week at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany.

It seems the front of the scooter is mimicking one of their motorcycles. So it seems like the front 3/4 of it looks like an auto motorcycle, whereas the back looks like a scooter. Except for the exhaust pipe! As one of the comments on one of the articles I've seen about it says: "it looks like an evil robot's sphincter." Ha ha ha.

I don't think I like that neon side panel, but I know they were just trying to make it seem very futuristic. IMHO, if it was a colorized carbon fiber one, then we might be in the ball park.

Some TECH SPECS: The scooter charges via standard household power sockets, attaining a full charge in under three hours. Once charged, it provides a driving range of around 60+ miles or 100 kilometers. These numbers are made feasible by it's intelligent battery management and brake energy recuperation systems, built alongside performance technology that lets the 'motorrad' equal the acceleration rates and continuous output characteristic of a combustion engine maxi scooter.

COOL FACTOR: What's trippy/cool is that the side mirrors are replaced by two rear video cameras that feed to two LCD monitors installed in the cockpit. The central digital display depicts speed, fuel usage, and other relevant data.

Check out this video to see the scooter in action:

To see other pics, check out the post on designboom.