Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Official Lambretta website

So, if you haven't noticed, the official Lambretta website, at, has recently gotten a facelift and a whole bunch of content. With it's simple, yet somewhat elegant design, it comes across as very straightforward and elemental.

I really like the "History" section, especially the section "Models", which lists all Lambretta models. Added bonus is that it does not only just list them with a picture, but if you click on the thumbnail, it will open a new page with a wealth of information on the specified model. For example, it gives you a small tidbit of model info, then goes into the model specs, ID details of each year that model was produced, the frame numbers by year, the different color schemes it came in, chromed parts, nickel parts, burnished parts, polished parts, and maintenance data.

It's also interesting to see the different merchandise that the Lambretta name is now attached to, as well. Did you know they now make bicycles? I didn't know that. They look pretty nice, but I don't enough about cycling to determine whether or not they are really good or bad.
On the other hand, I do know about watches, and they seem to also make some really nice watches, now. They also make mod-styled clothing, footwear, helmets, eyewear, bags and a fragrance. Each one of these different Lambretta "collections", btw, have their own website (except for the bags and the fragrance) - so click on their links, above, to check them out.
Interesting opening statement on their index page, though. Check it out, below, and see if you can read something between the lines. IMHO, it seems like it is saying something like "here is the new Lambretta, and if you don't like it, just know that it is an officially approved Lambretta product". On one hand, I don't really like the warning tone of the message. If I don't like it, I don't have to like it, even though I am an old Lambretta enthusiast. On the other hand, I understand that they are trying to head off some negative feedback from those who won't like that it is plastic and a TnG. Of coarse, this is directed at "buyers", which I assume are those who would distribute it. But, it could mean everyone in general, as well. Like I said, interesting....

Here is that statement on their index / home page:

"Official Statement

Lambretta enthusiasts will undoubted be encouraged by the news of the introduction into the market of the new Lambretta LS and LN models as reported. Buyers must however be very careful that they are indeed witnessing the launch of a true, authentic and legitimate Lambretta, approved by the Lambretta Consortium, who are the owners of the Lambretta brand.

The two new models, the Lambretta LS and LN, have been produced by two companies, CLAG International Limited and Motom Electronics Spa respectively. Both these models are currently unlicensed for the global market as a full inspection of their authenticity or quality has not yet been conducted by the Lambretta Consortium and because contractual issues still remain to be resolved. While it is hoped that approval of both models will occur in the near future, buyers and distributors must take care to ensure approval from the Lambretta Consortium is obtained before entering into any financial arrangements to acquire or distribute these models. We obviously cannot afford to allow unlicensed scooter models in the market.

Please be assured that the Lambretta Consortium will do all it can to bring you a genuine, high quality, Lambretta scooter in the best traditions of the Lambretta heritage as soon as it can. We are endeavouring to clarify the situation on both models with both parties in the very near future and hope to issue a statement which ratifies both models. If you require further clarification or information please contact or visit

Lambretta Consortium"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Scooter exhibit at the Peterson Auto Museum!

Below are several Press Releases from the Peterson Automotive Museum, in Los Angeles, CA. There will be a year-long scooter exhibit that will highlight the history of scooters, showing different models throughout the last century. Many of these models have come from local scooter collections (including mine!).

There will also be a Scooters & Supercars Day at the Peterson, on July 9th. This will be a show of scooters and cars. To be a part of the show, you will be able to join one of three L.A. county rides going there that morning. Details for the rides, below the press releases from the Peterson

For Immediate Release: Contact: Chris Brown,, 323-964-6320

Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on the 3rd Level Petersen Parking Structure

In conjunction with its summer feature exhibitions “Supercars: When Too Much Is Almost Enough” (3/5/11-10/16/11) and “Scooters” (6/18/11-2/5/12), the Petersen Automotive Museum is hosting "Scooters and Supercars Day." The highlight of Scooters and Supercars Day will be the public super car and scooter show. Only at the Petersen will you see vehicles by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Vespa, and Honda all proudly parked next to one another! Guest of Honor Steve Saleen will speak about his racing and manufacturing endeavors and technical how-to sessions with Griot’s Garage, The Official Car Care Product Provider of the Petersen Automotive Museum throughout the day will have you polishing your vehicle of choice like never before.

You can PRE-REGISTER your scooter for the show. Price will be $15 pre-registered, $20 the day of the show. To pre-register, go to this link, fill out the form, and either call, e-mail or fax your info to the Peterson (info on how to do that is at that link).

For the SHOW, please aim to arrive between 9-10 a.m. to ensure everyone is in place and the area is safe for pedestrians when the museum opens at 10 a.m. I am aware of some folks traveling long distances that morning, so just do your best to arrive as early as possible, we won’t turn anyone away.

Because the show area is open to pedestrians, we ask that you not move your vehicle once you arrive until the “official” end of the show at approximately 2:00pm. But the museum is open until 6pm, so feel free to stay all afternoon.

The show will be held on the THIRD LEVEL of the museum’s parking structure. The entrance to the parking structure is on Fairfax just south of Wilshire. If you are taking the 10 freeway here, exit Fairfax, go north for a couple miles (past Olympic/San Vicente) and the entrance will be on your right just north of the 8th St stoplight. Our address is 6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Scooters: there is a 3 or 4 foot gap around the parking gate, if you feel like you can slip through, do so. If not, simply push the button on the parking machine and take a ticket. You will all receive an exit ticket if needed. Then proceed to the THIRD LEVEL of the parking structure.

Staff will direct you where to park. The third level is covered so the show will be in the cool(er) shade. Once you have parked your vehicle, proceed to the Petersen booth (bright red table cloth) to check-in and/or pay registration (if not pre-paid) and receive your admission wristband(s) and information kit for the day. With your admission wristband on you will be able to explore the museum car show and exhibits throughout the day! Johnny Rockets at the Petersen will be fully staffed for a quick and tasty lunch; you can even order to-go and bring it out to the show area. At 11:30, Steve Saleen will be speaking about his S7 supercar and racecars, winners of multiple Grand Am and Le Mans-series races in the early 2000s as well as his involvement in the Ford GT project. Be sure to catch his talk! The Auto Gallery will have a display of their vehicles as well and Griot’s Garage Car Care Products will be offering car and scooter detailing clinics for free all day.

This is a non-judged show, but you may choose to participate in the “People’s Choice” contest, a category for both scooters and cars. Just pick up an identification sign from the Petersen Booth. Car show participants and the general public can vote for “People’s Choice” at the Petersen booth until 1:30pm. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter. The lucky winners in each category will receive a special Griot’s Garage detailing package from the Museum Store.

We will accept registrations day-of, but earlier is always better, no one like lines!


There will be three scooter rides leaving for the "Scooters and Supercars Day" on July 9th. Pre – registration is $15 per vehicle and includes free parking for the vehicle and admission for two to the museum and all it's exhibits. To pre-register, fill out the form at this link and send it in with your payment. There is contact info at that link if you prefer to give your payment details over the phone.

One ride will be leaving from Kai Sushi Sports Bar, in Torrance, at 9am. Kai Sushi Sports Bar is located at 24215 Crenshaw Boulevard (cross street Lomita Blvd), Torrance, CA 90505, (310) 325-7979. There is a ride that will be going to meet-up with this one in Torrance. That will leave from the CVS Drugstore parking lot in Lakewood at 8:15am. The CVS is located at the intersection of Del Amo and Paramount Blvds, in Lakewood.

Another ride will be leaving from the Trails Cafe, near Griffith Park, at 9am. The Trails Cafe is located at 2333 Fern Dell Drive, Los Angeles, California 90068, (323) 871-2102.

The third will be leaving from the Cock 'n' Bull Pub at 9:30am. The Cock 'n' Bull is at 2947 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405, (310) 399-9696.



Scooters form around the world will be on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum

(LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2011) The Petersen Automotive Museum’s latest exhibition Scooters: Size Doesn’t Always Matter will take museum visitors through a fascinating chronological tour of motor scooter development beginning with the simple Autoped of the mid-1910s to the alternative power vehicles of today.

Over 90 vehicles will be on display in this colorful and quirky exhibit of miniscule motoring. The exhibition opens June 18, 2011, and runs through May 28, 2012.

Smaller, more affordable, and easier to maneuver than motorcycles, motor scooters offer an efficient and stylish means to run quick errands and travel short distances. Scooters will show how this genre of motor bike has evolved from simple tube frames with motors to the sophisticated, comfortable, aerodynamic vehicles of today. The exhibit will also illustrate how scooters have been adapted to business and industrial uses, how they have been utilized by the movie and television industry, and how Southern California was once a major scooter manufacturing hub.

Wild or tame, foreign or domestic, old or new, scooters continue to offer a viable and economical alternative to other more traditional vehicles in our motoring landscape and provide a desirable means for free spirited motorists to boldly express themselves without saying a word.

1958 Rumi Prototype: scooter and photo courtesy of Mario Artavia

1955 Allstate, sold by Sears, manufactured by Vespa

1962 Fuji Rabbit, Ferrari F-40, Ferrari F-50


The Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity. The Museum is located at 6060 Wilshire Boulevard (at Fairfax) in Los Angeles. Admission prices are $10 for general admission adults, $8 for seniors, $5 for active military and students with ID, and $3 for children ages 5 to 12. Museum members and children under five are admitted free. Covered parking is available for $2 per half hour with an $8 maximum for Museum visitors. Museum hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm. For general Museum information, call 323/930-CARS or visit the Museum’s Web site at: